Classic Children's Books Crossword

Can you name these classic books based on a description of their plot?



2. A boy called Wart is taught by a wizard who turns him into all sorts of creatures to help him achieve his destiny
3. A young boy travels across the ocean to New York on a huge piece of fruit
5. Bilbo Baggins and a band of dwarves head off to steal a treasure from a dragon
7. A "silly old bear" and his friends live in the Hundred Acre Wood
9. A puppet comes to life and dreams of being a real boy
10. A girl and her two brothers travel to Neverland where they meet fairies and battle pirates
11. An Englishman is stranded on a desert island for 28 years
12. A girl, her dog, and her three new friends travel down the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City
13. A spider weaves words into her web to save the life of her best friend, a pig


1. A mouse is born to a human family and has many adventures
4. A silly little monkey lives with his friend, the Man with the Yellow Hat, and always gets into trouble
6. The four March sisters - Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy - have adventures with the boy next door
8. An English outlaw lives in the forest and robs from the rich to give to the poor